This is how your item moves

The sender sends the item.

Some large online stores might assign the item an item ID, even though the item has not yet been handed over to Posti. In this case, you might initially get an ‘unknown item’ notification, even if the item ID is correct.

The item is handed over to Posti and it is assigned an item ID.

This allows you to monitor the progress of the item. If you are logged in and have enabled automatic Item Tracking, you can now see the item in the My items list. The identification is based on the phone number you have provided to the sender and confirmed in the application.

Posti’s transport operations take custody of the item.

The item is sorted, directed at the correct location and transported either to your home or to a pickup point. Did you know that Posti photographs all shipments to detect any transport damage?

If the selected delivery method is ‘pick-up’, you will receive an advice of arrival or a locker code for a Parcel Point.

Please note that items have a last pick-up date, after which we will return the item back to the sender.

Home-delivery parcels try to find the route to you.

On the morning of the day the parcel is delivered to you, our home delivery centre will call you to confirm the suitability of the delivery.

And sometimes, an item must be returned to the sender.

Returned items often preserve their original item ID, so that the item reactivates and you can track its transport back to its origin.