Service forms

Online forms are a convenient way of communicating with Posti. You can also handle feedback and complaint matters online. As a corporate customer, you can order transportation, other services and materials easily and quickly with online forms.

Private customers

Moving and change of address

The easiest way to change your address is through our website. Log in and order the service.

Change of address
Mail forwaring Services
Direct to door service
Mail Delivery interruption
Early-morning delivery to home

Delivery services for special groups

Service to persons over 75 years (in Finnish only).

Feedback on postal delivery

Disruption in mail delivery service / Late arrival of shipment
Claim for damages
My shipment is damaged
My shipment has not arrived
COD Shipment Inquiry Request

Orders and billing

Home delivery order for items at a post office
Order Cancellation
Complaint about invoice
Request for VAT Receipt


Order transport online

Log in and  order transport via SmartShip service
Pick-up t order for freight (in Finnish only)
Pick-up order for parcels and letters

Ordering services, changes and canceling orders

Ordering, changing or terminating a reply mail code
Material order for contract customers
P.O. Box service form

Code order for service portal

This form is for ordering administrator user codes for Posti's Service Portal.


Complaint about invoice
Change invoicing address
PO-number order/change
Order electronic or e-mail invoice

Feedback and reclamations

Claim for damages
Use feedback form:

  • There was a disturbance in the Posti delivery service / My shipment arrived late
  • Invoicing
  • My shipment has not arrived
  • My shipment is damaged
  • Application for damage compensation

Ask for more information or an offert

Contract request
Corporate Address service form

Other feedback


Feedback for contract logistics customers