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A stamp with a photo taken by you

Draw attention to your message by designing your own stamps. Designing a Personalized Stamp is easy: you only need a photo.

Add the finishing touches to your postcards or letters with a personalized stamp—or give the stamps you have designed to someone as a gift!

Personalized Stamps are domestic no-value indicator stamps.

The stamps are sold in sheets of 10. The price for one sheet is EUR 25.00 (EUR 2.50 per stamp). You can pay your order via the online shop’s shopping cart using your online bank user ID or credit card.

Further information about the service

The personalized stamps are domestic no-value indicator stamps.

Stamps are sold in sheets of 10 stamps. The price for one sheet is EUR 25.00 (EUR 2.50 per stamp). When you order four or more identical sheets, you will get the following discount:

  • 4-19 sheets, discount 5%

  • 20-99 sheets, discount 7%

  • over 100 sheets, discount 10%.

You may pay the Personalized stamps with your online banking services or with credit card.

Approving the image for publication. The image selected may be rejected by Posti Ltd if it does not meet the requirements set for personalized stamps. Any rejection will be announced to the customer by e-mail. You can replace your image, and your order will be printed once the new image has been approved.

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