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Without a contract

S Domestic parcel

Maximum 11 x 32 x 42 cm

You can easily buy S parcels easily online. Pay the parcel online with a credit card or in your online bank and take it to the closest service point or parcel locker. You can also order a pickup for your item.


  • Take it to the nearest postal outlet or Parcel Locker
  • Delivery to a pickup point or as an additional service to the recipient’s door
  • Pay by card or in your online bank, you will get the Helposti code immediately
1. Pack the parcel ready for dispatch
2. Select the size matching the outer dimensions of your parcel and fill out the requested information.

You do not have to weigh the parcel, but make sure that it does not weigh over 35 kg.

3. Pay for the item and save the Helposti code
4. Write the Helposti code and the following information on the parcel: the names, addresses and mobile phone numbers of the sender and recipient. Drop the parcel at a mailbox

Or print the address label, attach it on top of the parcel and drop the parcel to a mailbox. The order is valid for 14 days.

Fragile parcel€10.90

If the item contains fragile content, the Fragile additional service may be necessary. Attach "Fragile" labels on the parcel. The labels are available at postal outlets, or you can print them out at the end of placing your order.

Extended Storage Period€2.90

Extend an item’s storage period at Posti’s service points by seven days.

COD (Cash on Delivery)€5.50

When you send a cash on delivery parcel, the recipient will collect the parcel at the postal outlet or Parcel Point by paying the amount of cash on delivery you have determined. Available payment options include cash, debit card or credit card.

The amount will be transferred to your bank account; any Finnish bank account is suitable. The sum can be withdrawn after 2 to 4 banking days from the payment. The maximum cash on delivery amount is EUR 2,000.

Parcel to the doorstep - deliver to the recipient's address

You can send parcels to the recipient's doorstep by buying the Parcel to the Doorstep additional service for your parcel. You can choose a delivery in the morning, during the business day or so that Posti contacts the recipient and agrees on the delivery date and time frame.

In the To the Recipient's Door in the Morning service (+ €11,90), the parcel is delivered to the recipient by 9 a.m. If the recipient cannot be reached, the parcel will be delivered to the recipient during the same business day. If the parcel cannot be delivered, it will be taken to Posti outlet for pick-up. The service is available in bigger cities and urban areas. Check the availability of the service.

In the To the Recipient's Door in the Daytime service (+€ 10,90), the parcel is delivered to the recipient as a rule by 4 p.m. If the recipient cannot be reached, the parcel is delivered for pick-up at a Postal outlet. Note! Delivery time is not agreed with the recipient.

In the To the Recipient's Door as Agreed service (+€ 12,90), the parcel delivery time is agreed with the recipient. The service is available in bigger cities and urban areas from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m., and elsewhere mainly from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. Click here for more details. With this service, Posti contacts the recipient and agrees on the delivery date and time frame.

In XXL Plus sized parcels, the Parcel to the Doorstep additional service is always included; for other parcels, the service can be purchased for € 10,90-12,90.

Pick-up service€10.90

When you pay for parcel delivery online or using Posti’s mobile application, you can also, at the same time, order pick-up from the address of your choice. Parcels are picked up on weekdays within the selected timeframe between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. (e.g. between 10 a.m. and 12 noon). Orders placed before 11.30 a.m. are, as a rule, picked up on the same day. The service costs € 10,90 for the first five parcels and another €10,90 for the next 1–5 parcels (e.g. the pick-up of 7 parcels costs €21,80). The service is not available in the Åland Islands.

Printed notice of arrival€1.90

The prices of all parcels paid for online or via the Posti mobile application include the notice of arrival as an SMS. Purchase this service if you do not know the recipient's mobile phone number or, for other reasons, you want that the recipient receives the notice of arrival of the parcel you've sent printed on paper. In this case, the recipient receives the notice of arrival as a letter to his/her address instead of an SMS.

Packaging instructions

Select the package according to the size of the object. Make sure that the package is shock-proof and definitely undamaged. In addition, the item must withstand 4–5 times its own weight.

Pack your item in a parcel that is as neat and flat as possible. Select a box of a suitable size for your item to prevent the contents from moving in the package. If necessary, use bubble wrap, styrofoam or foam plastic, for instance, to fill the box. Any packaging material causing sticking, and items of an irregular shape or round items may cause issues in mechanical handling. Cardboard and paper are the best materials for the outermost layer of a parcel or letter.

When you send your parcel through Posti you can use any packaging materials. You can also use pre-used materials as long as they are intact, endurable for transport and there is no old address information on top of the parcel. Posti also offers a wide assortment of different packaging materials you can order from Posti’s online shop or buy from the nearest Posti's service point.

Detailed information, terms and conditions

Do you send many parcels?

You can pay for several parcels at once using serial parcels. Select 5, 10 or 15 items in size XXS, S or M.