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Without a contract

International priority letter

Maximum 25 x 35.3 x 3 cm

Priority letters are usually transported to the destination country by air.

  • Leave it in the letter box
  • Global
  • Delivered to the addressee, no signature required
  • Word "Priority" onto the envelope
Detailed information and terms

Destination Countries Global

Delivery Time Estimated delivery times based on surveys: Nordic countries and Central Europe 2-5 working days, rest of Europe 3-6 working days. Rest of the world: large cities 4-10 working days; other destinations: no estimate available.

The estimates do not include the time required for possible Customs clearance.

Maximum Dimensions 250 mm x 353 mm x 30 mm Larger items are to be sent as Maxi Letters or Parcels.

Mininmum Dimensions 90 mm x 140 mm

Indications and Codes A blue Priority label or the word "Priority" must be written, printed or stamped onto the envelope.

Sending Can be dropped into a blue letterbox or mailed at a postal outlet. If the location only has one letterbox (yellow), you should put both Priority and Economy Letters in that box. Letters containing goods sent to EU countries do not require a separate Customs declaration.The green Customs label with a bar code CN 22 must be used for mailings to destinations outside the EU and also to the special regions outside the EU excise and value-added tax area. If the item's value exceeds EUR 300, please complete the required number of the larger Customs declarations CN 23 in a language understood in the destination country.

Receiving Delivered to the addressee on a standard delivery round; no signature required.

Pricing Pricing based on weight tariffs. The lowest weight tariff (max. 20g) is the same as the lowest weight tariff of domestic First Class letters.

Delivery Terms Terms


If a Letter cannot be delivered, a notification of arrival will be left with the addressee. The item will be kept at a post office, Poste Restante or P.O. Box for a period ranging from two weeks to two months, depending on the country.

Unclaimed items are returned to the sender. The reason for failure of delivery will be noted on the item.

Restrictions as to Content The delivery may not contain any items or substances that are prohibited by the Universal Postal Union (UPU), prohibited in air transport or under Posti's general terms of delivery.

Prohibitions and restrictions specific to the destination country must be checked from the country information. Cash, tradable securities, precious metals, gems, and other valuable items must always be insured for the delivery.

Other Specifications The postal service will not pay compensation for lost, damaged or delayed items.

Letter prices

You can pay for a letter by postage stamps or at Posti's service points. Stamps can be any stamp (including domestic No-value indicator stamps) as long as their total value covers the weight.

Maximum weightEurope PriorityEurope EconomyOther countries PriorityOther countries Economy
20 g1.70 €1.60 €1.70 €1.60 €
50 g2.40 €2.30 €3.60 €2.80 €
100 g3.40 €3.30 €7.80 €3.90 €
250 g5.20 €4.90 €12.70 €6.90 €
500 g8.70 €7.90 €21.90 €11.90 €
1000 g16.40 €13.90 €37.00 €18.50 €
2000 g29.70 €27.70 €66.00 €36.50 €