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Without a contract

Post Card abroard

Maximum 25 x 35.3 x 3 cm

A real postcard will please the addressee in a special way in the era of electronic communications. A postcard shows the addressee that the sender has been thinking about him/her. The postcard may have been chosen especially for the addressee or its stamp may fit in a special theme. Many people even make postcards themselves. A postcard remains visible longer than an electronic message, and so do the warm thoughts conveyed with it. A postcard makes both the sender and the recipient happy.

  • Global
  • Choices Priority and Economy
  • Can be dropped in a postbox or mailed at a postal outlet.
Detailed information and terms

Destination Countries Global

Maximum Weight 20 g.

Maximum Dimensions 250 x 353 mm

Minimum Dimensions 90 mm x 140 mm.

Sending Can be dropped in a postbox or mailed at a postal outlet.

Receiving Delivered to the addressee on a standard delivery round; no signature required.

Pricing Priority 1,70 € / Economy 1,60 € all over the world

Retaining If a postcard cannot be delivered, a notification of arrival will be left with the addressee. The item will be kept at a Post Office, Poste Restante or P.O. Box for a period ranging from two weeks to two months, depending on the country. Unclaimed postcards are destroyed in the country of destination.

Restrictions as to Content Non-rectangular postcards should be sent in envelopes as Priority of Economy letters.

Other Specifications The postal service will not pay compensation for lost, damaged or delayed items.