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Without a contract

Regular letter

Maximum 25 x 35.3 x 3 cm

Letters are delivered to recipients within 4 days. Ordinary letters do not have item IDs so they cannot be tracked in Item Tracking.

Domestic no-value indicator stamp and first-class and second-class no-value indicator stamps can be used as such to mail domestic letters (max. 50 g).


If you add a Plus Sticker to your letter, you can see when the letter has been delivered. In addition, items with a Plus Sticker are also delivered faster than regular items, i.e. on the second working day after mailing. Read more about the Plus sticker

    Indications and Codes

    Domestic letters do not require separate codes

    Sending: You can leave letters at a Posti outlet or mailbox.

    Delivery terms
    Restrictions as to Content

    Not suitable for sending cash or valuables. Posti assumes responsibility for cash, securities or other valuables only if they are sent as Insured Items.

    Other specifications

    If you wish for the recipient to redeem the letter against a fee, attach COD (Cash on Delivery) to the item as an additional service.

    Also read about the Plus Sticker

    Delivery time

    Letters are delivered to recipients within 4 days.

    Maximum weight

    2 kg

    Maximum dimensions

    250 mm x 353 mm x 30 mm.

    The price of the letter and the number of stamps required are determined by weight

    Old 1st class and 2nd class No-value indicator stamps are still valid for posting as such. They are of the same value as the domestic No-value indicator stamp, € 1.60.

    PriceAmount of stamps
    Post card1,60 €1 stamp
    50 g1,60 €1 stamp
    250 g3,20 €2 stamps
    1000 g6,40 €4 stamps
    2000 g9,60 €6 stamps

    Send a post card with your own photo

    A personalized postcard of your own photo will delight! Please select an image from your own archives. The card goes straight to the destination and the recipient receives a real postcard in their mailbox. From € 2.35