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Without a contract

Post card to Finland

Maximum 25 x 35.3 x 3 cm

A real postcard will please the addressee in a special way in the era of electronic communications. A postcard shows the addressee that the sender has been thinking about him/her. The postcard may have been chosen especially for the addressee or its stamp may fit in a special theme. Many people even make postcards themselves. A postcard remains visible longer than an electronic message, and so do the warm thoughts conveyed with it. A postcard makes both the sender and the recipient happy.


    Post card to Finland

    Destination Countries Finland

    Delivery Times Postcards are usually delivered in 4 working days from mailing day

    Maximum Weight 50 g

    Maximum Dimensions 250 mm x 353 mm.

    Minimum Dimensions 90 mm x 140 mm.

    Indications and Codes No separate markings

    Sending Postcards can be dropped into letterbox or mailed at a postal outlet

    Receiving Postcards are delivered to the addressee's street address.

    Pricing 1,60 €

    Other Specifications If your letter is furnished with the addressee's up-to-date and complete name and address information, it will reach the addressee quickly and accurately.

    Send a post card with your own photo

    A personalized postcard of your own photo will delight! Please select an image from your own archives. The card goes straight to the destination and the recipient receives a real postcard in their mailbox. From € 2.35