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Without a contract

Plus sticker letter

The delivery of a Plus item to the recipient will be indicated in the Item Tracking service. Plus items are delivered to the recipients at an expedited schedule on the second working day following the mailing of the item.

  • Easy to send
  • Delivered within two working days
  • Delivery confirmation
Plus sticker

Delivery time A letter attached with a Plus Sticker will be delivered within two working days.

Maximum weight 2 kg

Maximum Dimensions 250 mm x 353 mm x 30 mm. For larger dimensions, please see Parcels.

Minimum Dimensions 90 mm x 140 mm.

Indications and codes Plus Sticker should be affixed next to a stamp.

Sending Letters can be dropped into letterbox or mailed at a postal outlet.

Delivery terms Terms Compensation grounds

Restrictions as to Content Not suitable for sending cash and/or other valuables. These should be sent as Insured Items.

Other Specifications You can use Plus Sticker also when mailing an all-in-one envelope or a post card.

Send a post card with your own photo

A personalized postcard of your own photo will delight! Please select an image from your own archives. The card goes straight to the destination and the recipient receives a real postcard in their mailbox. From € 2.35