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Receiving of item

Picking up an item

You can pick up your item from a Posti Parcel Locker or Posti outlet of your choice. Our growing network serves over 2,200 locations. On our website, you can buy an extended storage period or home delivery for your item as part of the Item Tracking service. You can also easily route your online purchases to a more convenient pickup point. With Item Tracking, you can easily track your items and check the delivery status.

Picking up an item from a parcel locker

Using a parcel locker is the easiest way to pick up an item. When your parcel has arrived in the parcel locker, we will notify you by SMS.

Picking up an item from a Posti outlet

If your item is delivered to a postal outlet, you can pick it up from there with notice of arrival. The item is delivered against signature. The recipient must be prepared to to verify his or her identity.

Receiving an oversized item

Enter the item tracking code in Posti's Item Tracking. The service to be used is shown at "Transport Services" in the item information.

Picking up international items and customs clearance

Goods coming from outside the EU or from the special territories of the EU’s excise duty and VAT area may require customs clearance. Items that do not require customs clearance are delivered to the recipient or to the nearest Posti outlet.

Retention Periods

If the recipient cannot be reached at the delivery address, or if the item was not picked up from a postal outlet or Posti Parcel Locker, Posti will store the item for a specified period of time.

Buy home delivery for a parcel

You can order home delivery for your item from a Posti shop by logging in to OmaPosti via the Item Tracking and Routing page. Click on the ”Buy home delivery” icon. The icon will only be displayed if a home delivery is possible.