How we deliver parcels to you

In late 2021, Posti’s network included nearly 2,300 Posti Parcel Lockers and about 1,000 service points. We are continuously adding to our network. You can also have your say on where your order is delivered.

Your parcels are now delivered more intelligently

Did you order your parcel to be delivered to a parcel locker? Artificial intelligence will help us deliver it even more quickly.

  • We can already predict with 96% accuracy which parcels will be picked up from the parcel locker within 24 hours.
  • With the help of this prediction, we can identify a suitable locker for your parcel already during sorting – that is, even before it is on its way to the parcel locker!
  • If we predict that there will not be enough space in the parcel locker, we will route your parcel directly to the nearest service point. This way, the parcel will not make any unnecessary journeys and will reach its destination more quickly.

What determines where the parcel will be taken?

1. The pickup point selected when ordering

If you select a Posti Parcel Locker or a Posti outlet as the delivery location in an online store, your parcel will be routed there. The selection made in the online store takes priority over the My Pickup Point set in OmaPosti. If the pickup point you selected is a Posti Parcel Locker and it is full, we will route the order to the nearest available location. 2. My Pickup Point

We will deliver your parcel to the My Pickup Point you have set in OmaPosti if you have not selected a pickup point in the online store and the parcel is being delivered to a street address. The item information must also include your phone number. In other words, if you order a parcel to a street address (e.g. to a holiday cottage or to a friend as a gift) and not to a specific pickup point and the order information includes your phone number, the parcel is routed to the My Pickup Point set by you. Please remember to change your My Pickup Point if needed or select a specific pickup location when you place the order. If you set a Posti Parcel Locker as your My Pickup Point and it is full, we will deliver the parcel to a nearby available pickup location. 3. The address in the item information

We will deliver the parcel to the nearest (available) pickup point according to the street address when: - you did not select a pickup point when ordering from an online store AND - you have not set a My Pickup Point in OmaPosti

Why was the parcel not delivered to a Posti Parcel Locker?

We transport anything you can think of ordering. Sometimes your order may be too large or include such goods that mean we are not able to deliver it to the location you selected. Here are the most common causes of exceptions:

Frequently asked questions

Did something go wrong with the delivery of your parcel? You can find help with problems here.