VAT payment and customs clearance from July 1, 2021

This means that all online purchases and publications arriving from outside the EU will be subject to VAT and customs clearance. Customs clearance is also required for all gift items, regardless of the value. If you don’t know what the item contains, please ask the sender.

Pay VAT in connection with the online store purchase

You can pay VAT in connection with the purchase if the online store enables this. Item information is transmitted to the Customs and Posti directly from the online store and no action is needed from you. Cost EUR 0.

Digital customs declaration

Declare digitally in OmaPosti, either in the app or online at You will receive a notification in OmaPosti when an item that requires a VAT payment and customs declaration is about to arrive. You can authorize Posti to take care of this. Cost EUR 0.90.

If you would like to clear the item through customs yourself, please let Posti know about it by using this form before the item arrives in Finland. In this case, Posti will charge you a EUR 2.90 handling fee, which covers the costs of the item’s manual handling and storage.

Clear the item on the Customs website and pay the handling fee on Posti’s website

You will receive a notification of arrival when the item has arrived in Finland and is held temporarily in a warehouse. Clear the item and pay VAT on the Customs website and also pay Posti’s handling fee of EUR 2.90 on Posti’s website. Clear an item.