IOSS item

If you pay the VAT to the online store already at the time of purchase and the online store notifies Posti about it, we’ll clear the goods for you. In this case, you don’t need to clear the item or pay Posti's handling fee.

We take care of customs clearance for IOSS items for you

IOSS item refers to an online purchase for which you’ve already paid the VAT at the time of purchase. If the sending online store provides us with the necessary information electronically, you won’t need to take any action when the item arrives in the country. We’ll take care of the customs clearance for you. You’ll receive a notification once the item is available for pickup.

What if Posti can't clear the shipment?

If the sending online store doesn’t provide us with the information necessary for customs clearance, we won’t be able to perform the import clearance on your behalf, even if the VAT were already paid. You must inform Finnish Customs of the content of the item and its IOSS number once the item has arrived in the country. Posti will send you a notification once you can do this. Read more about IOSS items on the website of Finnish Customs.