Receiving letters and invoices

Receiving letters and invoices

You can receive letters and invoices in electronic form in OmaPosti from senders of your choice. You can select senders in OmaPosti’s settings under “Sender selections”. You will get a notification of an incoming letter or invoice to your email.

Letter and invoice archive

Letters – such as payslips – and invoices are automatically stored in OmaPosti. You can find them in OmaPosti’s “Archive” section.

Paying invoices

You can pay invoices directly in OmaPosti. There are many payment methods available:

  1. Payment card

  2. The “Postpone the due date” function

  3. Pivo

Paying by card

You can use your payment card to pay the invoice. We recommend making the card payment at least 3 days before the due date of the invoice. You can also copy the invoice’s virtual barcode and pay the invoice in your online bank.

“Postpone the due date” function

If you need more flexibility in paying the invoice, you can postpone the due date by at least 30 days by selecting “Postpone the due date”. You will be sent a new invoice that you can pay in one lump sum or, if you wish, in installments. If you pay the new invoice in one lump sum, you will only be charged an invoicing fee of EUR 2.95 and no interest on the credit.

Paying with Pivo

Customers of Osuuspankki who use the OmaPosti application for iOS or Android and have the Pivo application installed on their phone can pay with Pivo. Pivo payments are deducted from your account immediately.