Declaration in OmaPosti

Digital declaration by Posti

Easier and smoother customs clearance

OmaPosti is Posti's application that has been developed to make everyday life easier for consumers when sending and receiving parcels. In addition to tracking their shipments, consumers want fast deliveries, so adding declaration to OmaPosti was a clear continuation to further improve the experience of receiving shipments. Especially since, following the VAT reform that entered into force on 1 July 2021, all items, regardless of value, must be customs cleared.

Traditionally the shipments have been waiting in the warehouse until the recipient has declared them at customs web service.

Due to the VAT reform, the number of shipments needing customs declaration grew tremendously. We needed to find solutions that would increase the operational process efficiency.

The digital declaration service developed for OmaPosti provides the consumer a digital interface to declare the shipment already when the item is on its way to Finland. Upon arrival in the country, the shipment does not have to wait for customs clearance by the consumer, and no additional storage nor handling of the shipment is necessary. The service has significantly streamlined not only the shipment handling process, but also the consumer experience.

How does it work

Helping out with customs declaration

The service is built not only to speed up the flow of shipments, but also with the end user’s needs in mind. The customer will be notified as soon as the shipment is registered in the country of origin and customs clearance process can commence. When starting the declaration in OmaPosti, the consumer finds pre-filled information for the shipment on the way. This includes important information for customs clearance, such as the weight of the item and the country of origin. The consumer fills in other information required for customs clearance, such as the content and value of the shipment. Based on the information, the service assigns a commodity code to the shipment, which further determines the VAT rate. On the basis of value and VAT rate, the service then informs the consumer the final amount of VAT that the consumer should pay. Posti's own payment interface is connected to the service, meaning if the customer has the payment card information already added to OmaPosti, payment can be done almost at the touch of a button.

After the consumer has provided the necessary information in advance at OmaPosti, Posti will complete the customs clearance on behalf of the customer when the shipment arrives in the country. Therefore, the customer no longer needs do anything at this stage, and the shipment continues its journey smoothly to the customer after customs has given the release decision.

In OmaPosti tracking the customer can monitor not only the shipment’s journey to Finland, but also the progress of customs declaration. When everything is ready, the customer will receive a notification and the customs clearance related documents electronically to OmaPosti. In order to build a seamless service, Posti has actively cooperated with several internal and external stakeholders.

A few concrete results

Your order, I deliver

"The aim of the service is to provide a seamless receiving experience so that the shipment does not have to be delayed due to customs clearance upon arrival to Finland. Customs clearance in OmaPosti appears to the consumer as an integral part of the process, and there is no need to fear or worry about customs clearance or ordering items from outside EU. OmaPosti has a crucial role in supporting customs clearance for the delivery flows to remain smooth and uninterrupted."

The current team

Minna Kovanen, Business Manager, Posti Jaana Räsänen, Service Manager, Posti And countless other experts from different units at Posti!

Jenni Pajukoski, Software Developer, Teamit Solutions Oy Juha Bohm, Senior QA Consultant, Testimate Oy Minna Nurminen, Junior Product Designer, Qvik Oy Mirkka Ollikainen, Principal Product Designer, Qvik Oy Olli Pietikäinen, Scrum Master, Toward Oy Oskari Polo, Software Developer, Futurice Oy Petri Heinua, Software Developer, Luoto Company Oy Teemu Keskitalo, Software Developer, 8-bit-sheep Oy Tony Repo, Software Developer, Kipinä Software Oy

Additionally, multiple other consultants from the above-mentioned companies have been involved in the development of the service.