Domestic letters and postcards

Sending a letter or a postcard is a beautiful and personalized way to bring joy to friends and family or tell them how you are doing. You can send items up to 3 cm thick and weighing a maximum of 2 kg as letters. If you want to send valuable items or cash, please use the Insured Item service.

Traditional letter and card

Sending with a stamp

Show a loved one that you are thinking about them by sending them a letter or a postcard. Now also available Plus sticker. The delivery of a Plus item to the recipient will be indicated in the Item Tracking service. 

Maximum weightPriceAmount of stamps
Post card1,75 €1 stamp
50 g1,75 €1 stamp
250 g3,50 €2 stamps
1000 g7,00 €4 stamps
2000 g10,50 €6 stamps
Without contract

Regular letter

25 x 35.3 x 3 cm, 2 kg

Take the letter to a mailbox. Delivery to the recipient’s mailbox, 4 working days.

Without contract

Plus sticker letter

2 kg

The Plus Sticker is an additional service for a normal letter or postcard. Plus Sticker should be affixed next to a stamp. Delivery within two working days.

From the online store

Post card to Finland

25 x 35.3 x 3 cm

Send a card to surprise a friend, tell them how you are doing or just say hi. A postage stamp of your own design completes the item.

Send a postcard with a photo taken by you via our online service

Bring joy with a personalized postcard featuring a photo taken by you! Use one of your own photos. The postcard is sent directly from the service, and the recipient will receive a real, physical postcard.

Sending valuable or urgent items

Cash, securities, precious metals, gemstones, and other valuables delivered by mail must always be sent as Insured Items. Insured shipments go through special secure handling. Insurance coverage against loss, theft and damage is limited to the agreed insurance value.

Suitable for sending urgent messages, documents and drafts. Take to a Posti outlet. Delivery to the recipient’s mailbox, 1–2 working days.

For sending payment cards, decisions and information, among other things. Handed over against acknowledgement, 2–3 working days.

Take to a Posti outlet. Items are handed over against an acknowledgement when the COD amount has been paid. Delivery in 2–3 working days.

Without contract

Advice of delivery letter

25 x 35.3 x 3 cm, 2 kg

When you need a receipt for your shipment.

Without contract

Insured items

2 kg

Insured Items - for sending money and valuable items

Send a post card with your own photo

A personalized postcard of your own photo will delight! Please select an image from your own archives. The card goes straight to the destination and the recipient receives a real postcard in their mailbox. From € 2.35

Send a postcard online

Sending with a stamp

The domestic postage fee is included in the price. Size 162 x 229 mm. Maximum fill: height 30 mm, weight 500 g.