Address change protection

If your personal data has been stolen and you suspect that you have or could become a victim of misconduct, among other reasons, you can ask Posti for address change protection. The address information of the person with moving protection cannot be changed or their mail delivery interrupted as long as the moving protection is activated.

Channel-specific protection/form block

The channel-specific protection (form block) is intended for customers who have experienced vandalism or fear that they could become victims of vandalism. This protection is used to ensure that change of address notifications cannot be submitted in paper form. If the form block has been set, you can submit your change of address notification only in the OmaPosti service (or on the website) while logged in. Notifications submitted using a form will not be accepted.

Channel-specific protection can be set on the website or in the OmaPosti app while logged in.

Setting the form block on the website:

Log in here > Select: Contact details and address hand-over prohibition > Ordering using a printed form > Select No

Setting the form block in the OmaPosti app:

Select Change of address notification > Contact details and disclosure bam > Service ordres using paper form> Select No

Request moving protection through the website while logged in:

Log in > Select Address change protection, Feedback about Mail forwarding or Nearby Mailbox.

The request must state that you want to activate moving protection and include your phone number. An example message: ”I want to activate Posti’s moving protection, tel. +358 40 123 4567.”

Request moving protection in writing

The request may be written in your own words, but must include:

  • the request for activating the moving protection

  • your personal identity code and name

  • your telephone number

  • your signature

The letter must be sent to the following address:

Posti Oy Osoitepalvelut "Muuttosuojaus" PL 777 00011 POSTI

The moving protection cancellation request

The moving protection cancellation request can be made on Posti’s website while logged in using the feedback form on the Your Information page. You can also request the cancellation of the moving protection in your own words in writing and send the cancellation request to the same address as the request for its activation.