Mail forwarding or putting your mail on hold

Temporarily changing your place of residence? Are you going on vacation and want to forward your mail or interrupt your mail delivery? See the instructions here.

Fixed-term mail forwarding

  • Fixed-term forwarding is a good option when you are spending your holiday at your summer home, living abroad temporarily or want to have your mail delivered to another address because of ongoing renovation work at your home.

  • When you order fixed-term forwarding, we deliver mail to the desired address during the period chosen by you. After the fixed term has ended, we will deliver your mail to your old address.

  • Did you know that by ordering our Nearby Mailbox at a Summer Home service, you can have your mail delivered closer to your summer home – for example, to the corner of the lot?

Putting your mail on hold

  • By putting your mail on hold, you can ensure that your mailbox will not fill up during your vacation and that your mail will be stored securely.

  • We will hold your mail, and you can pick it up from your nearest Posti outlet after your vacation.