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Mail delivery interruption

Our customer service is currently congested. If your case concerns the prevailing coronavirus situation, you will find answers to frequently asked questions here.

Mail forwarding or putting your mail on hold

Would you like to have your mail temporarily forwarded to your summer home, for example? You can do this by ordering our Fixed-term Forwarding service for your mail. Do you want to put your mail on hold so that your mailbox will not fill up during your vacation? Put your mail on hold. If you are making a permanent move and will not return to your old address, please submit a notification of a change of address.

Fixed-term mail forwarding

  • Fixed-term forwarding is a good option when you are spending your holiday at your summer home, living abroad temporarily or want to have your mail delivered to another address because of ongoing renovation work at your home.

  • When you order fixed-term forwarding, we deliver mail to the desired address during the period chosen by you. After the fixed term has ended, we will deliver your mail to your old address.

  • Did you know that by ordering our Nearby Mailbox at a Summer Home service, you can have your mail delivered closer to your summer home – for example, to the corner of the lot?

  • from 3 € /wk

More information about mail forwarding

  • The service is subject to a charge and the minimum period is one week.

  • You will receive addressed postal items (letters, publications, bulk letters) that have been sent to your permanent address at a different address, e.g. summer house, for a fixed term.

  • After the fixed term has ended, your mail will be delivered to your permanent address. You are not required to contact us about it.

  • Home delivery items and parcel items are not included in the service. However, you can route parcels to a pickup point of your choice by selecting your My Pickup Point here.

  • The forwarding of a newspaper should be arranged directly with the customer service of the newspaper.

  • Letters weighing under 250 g can be forwarded to foreign addresses. Other items will be returned to the sender or processed as undeliverable items.

  • We do not forward advertisements. If you do not want to receive advertisements at your original address, please mark “Ei mainoksia” (“No advertisements”) on your mailbox.

  • The service can be ordered no earlier than two months before the start date of the service. For example, if your vacation starts at the beginning of August, you can order the service no earlier than at the beginning of June.

  • Please note that Posti is not the only company that delivers mail. Mail delivered by other delivery companies may not be forwarded to the other address.

Putting your mail on hold

  • By putting your mail on hold, you can ensure that your mailbox will not fill up during your vacation and that your mail will be stored securely.

  • We will hold your mail, and you can pick it up from your nearest Posti outlet after your vacation.

  • from 6 € /wk

More information about putting your mail on hold

  • The service is subject to a charge. It is available for a minimum period of one week and a maximum period of two months. See prices.

  • Mail accumulated during the holding period can be picked up from your nearest Posti outlet on the third working day after the end of the holding period. Mail items are not delivered for pickup during the service period.

  • Please note that during the holding period, we will return items requiring signature and items with a notice of arrival in accordance with the storage periods specified in our general terms of delivery or on demand of the sender.

  • Ordinary items are stored at Posti outlets for 14 days after the end of the holding period. If items are not picked up, they are returned to the sender.

  • The service is personal to you. When ordering, please provide us with the details of all the persons (e.g. family members) the mail holding service applies to.

  • If you wish to interrupt the delivery advertisements for the duration of your holiday, please attach an “Ei mainoksia” (“No advertisements”) notification to your mail slot or mailbox.

  • Please note that mail is also delivered by other delivery companies. A mail holding service ordered from Posti only stops the mail delivered by Posti.

  • If you order the service several times in a row, please leave three days between the service periods so that you will be able to pick up your mail between the service periods.