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The innovation journey starts – six teams set out to explore the unknown

Posti's 2-month innovation program, X-celerator, aims to bring together people from across the organization to work together, cultivate innovation and learn new skills. Participants get a chance to witness their own ideas become a reality.

“X-celerator is a program that searches and cultivates growth ideas as well as people who are curious to level up their skills in innovation. We are strongly driving business ideas from the bottom-up, as a voluntary effort, and including a wider crowd in the innovation work. Basically, everyone has been offered the opportunity to jump aboard,” says Eeva Tiainen who is responsible for open innovation at Posti. The X-celerator program, organized now for the second time, kicked off on April 14th with six eager teams. The real acceleration for the chosen teams includes an intensive 2-month program, where the participants will be coached and supported by specialists in innovation and entrepreneurship. 🚀

Participants received a surprise shipment in the mail. Excitement in the air, teams, and coaches finally met each other. Participants were enthusiastic yet a bit nervous to jump into the unknown: “Excited and slightly anxious, but in the best way!” “Curious” “Feeling very excited and a bit nervous too 😁 Looking forward to all the new learnings and connections!” “I am super interested in the outcome of our work - whatever it will be.” “Feeling excited, been waiting for this for so long to start. Hope to learn a lot :)” During the first gathering, teams immediately got to try out their skills in pitching and presenting their ideas to others. Ideas were related to E-tailer experiences, smooth shopping, delightful deliveries, and opportunities in operations. Coaches gave teams a deep dive into customers, personas, value chain mapping & problem definition. After the learnings, teams were ready to start experimenting – focusing tightly on customers and stakeholders. Eeva Tiainen was impressed by the excitement and potential oozing from the X-celerator participants. “Posti is in the middle of a business transformation, with a vision to become a modern delivery and fulfillment company. All our ideas link to this vision, with focus on customer centricity, convenience, and sustainability. It will be exciting to see how these ideas evolve during our program. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this is the first time we are hosting a fully virtual innovation program with participants from various cities and countries. I was happily surprised to notice how confident we already are working in the virtual environment – great energy and engagement from all the teams!” Tiainen concludes.

Next, teams will focus on customer co-creation. The target is to define the real customer problems worth solving. Welcome to follow the innovation journey! Read more about one of our experiments, the Ovelta concept: