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DIY: charming Christmas cards

Make your loved ones happy with a homemade Christmas card. You only need a few materials and a little bit of time. See our easy tips and get your Christmas card workshop going.

  1. The twinkling of a Christmas tree. Use a precision knife to cut 5 long holes into the card paper so that they form the shape of a Christmas tree. Cut a piece of glitter paper the size of the front part of the card and glue it on the inside of the card paper. Decorate with star stickers.

  2. A festive bulb with pearls. On the card paper, make a Christmas bulb out of pearl stickers. Tie some satin ribbon into a little bow and glue it to the top of the bulb. Use a marker or cut a piece of paper to make a string for the bulb. Write your holiday greetings on the card.

  3. A present in a card. Cut a piece of card paper slightly smaller than your card and decorate it with a satin ribbon so that it looks like a Christmas present. Glue the piece onto the card and attach a label. Include a non-material present in your greetings and the joy of the card’s recipient will be doubled.

  4. Polar and pretty. Cut the shape of a polar bear out of card paper and glue it onto your card. Draw the bear’s eyes, nose and mouth. Make a scarf out of a piece of paper or satin ribbon and glue it onto the bear’s neck. Finish with decorative stickers.

  5. Playful snowmen. Cut three heads of snowmen out of white card paper and draw happy mouths on them. Glue the heads and carrot noses cut out of orange paper onto your card. Use a marker to draw a heavy snowfall around the snowmen.

Place your homemade cards in envelopes.

You can mail homemade, foldable and irregularly shaped cards in an envelope. You can also enclose cards decorated with a ribbon, decorative studs or glitter in an envelope. If you are mailing cards with pearls or other hard decorations, use an envelope with bubble wrap or a cardboard envelope. The cost for mailing a card weighing less than 50 g is the same whether you use an envelope or not.

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Send your cards on their way

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Other ways to spread joy:

A picturesque greeting

Let Posti handle the dispatch of Christmas cards for you. Make a unique postcard out of your photos. The card with postage paid will be delivered directly to the recipient’s mailbox.

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An unusual surprise

Have you been holding on to a photo of a magical scenery or a memorable moment? Complete your Christmas greeting with a postage stamp made of your photos. Order stamps of your own photos here.