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Stamps, Envelopes and packaging materials

Stamps, envelopes and packaging materials

Stamps or Prepaid envelopes are the most cost effective solution for sending your business letters when you send less than 10 letters per week. You can buy stamps and prepaid envelopes as needed for your business in our online store. You can also find packaging materials in our online store.


Buy stamps from our online store just for your business needs. The domestic No-value indicator stamps is as such perfect for mailing domestic letters (max. 50 g).

Buy stams on the Online shop
From the online store
The Finnish nature symbols – 100 domestic no-value indicator stamps

Personalized stamp

Personalized stamps attract attention and ensure that your business letter is opened and read. A corporate-looking stamp creates a positive corporate image and acts as a personal ad. The price for a 10-stamp sheet is € 27.00.

Order Personized stamps


With the All-in-one-envelope you can easily handle domestic letter mailing. Each envelope includes domestic letter postage fee of a 500 g letter. The envelopes are sold in packages of 20 pieces.

Envelopes from the Online shop
From the online store
All-in-One envelope C5 – 20 envelopes per packet
From the online store
All-in-One envelope with a window C5 – 20 envelopes per packet
From the online store
5 domestic Express envelopes

Packing materials

Buy your company's packaging materials from bubble wraps to packaging boxes conveniently from our online store.

Packing materials from web shop
From the online store
Medium-sized mailing bags – 20 pcs
From the online store
Box 5 -10 pcs

Do you send much?

As a contract customer, you can easily handle the delivery of packages, cargo, and tracked letters on the same order channel, and get useful solutions from marketing services to letter services.