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Parcel Connect parcel

Parcel Connect is a parcel product designed for international e-commerce that allows Finnish e-commerce to enter the global markets. The Parcel Connect product is realized in cooperation with DHL and Bring. Together with its affiliates, Posti has created a network covering more than 47,500 service points throughout Europe.

The service includes returns of undeliverable items and customer returns. You can print out a customer return card from the Posti SmartShip system and attach it to an item to be sent to the customer. The recipient can return the item to a service point.

  • Affordable online store deliveries to European countries
  • Delivered to the recipient or a pickup point as is the custom in the destination country.
Product information

Maximum Weight 31.5 kg

Maximum Dimensions The maximum size of a parcel is 120 cm × 60 cm × 60 cm, maximum length with the Bulky additional service 200 cm with the length and circumference max. 360 cm.

Indications and Codes Contract customers are provided with the Posti SmartShip address label printing software free of charge.

Get to know Posti SmartShip

Deliveries to destinations outside Europe containing goods must be accompanied with attachments required by the customs declaration.

For commercial goods deliveries, a commercial or pro forma invoice is required together with a CN23 customs slip. You can print the documents from the Posti SmartShip system.

Sending Deliveries are picked up according to the contract or they may be dropped off at a postal outlet (dispatch the following workday).

The BULKY additional service is available for the service. If the parcel length is more than 120 cm or the parcel does not have a box-like form (e.g. a roll), the BULKY additional service must be selected.

Track & Trace Item progress and handover information is available in Item Tracking.

Receiving Delivered to the recipient or a pickup point in the destination country. PO Box addresses cannot be used.

The item will be stored for 14 days after the attempted delivery of notification of arrival. Uncollected parcels will be returned to the sender as Parcel Connect Undelivered items.

The sender can also deliver a Parcel Return Connect address label to the recipient with which the recipient can return the delivery by taking the item to any pickup point.

Pricing € / shipment + € / kg, see price list.. A valid fuel surcharge is added to the prices.

Delivery Terms Product terms for international transport services

Restrictions as to Content The delivery may not contain any items or substances that are prohibited by the Universal Postal Union (UPU), prohibited in air transport or under Posti's general terms of delivery.

Cash, tradable securities, precious metals, gems, and other valuable items must always be insured for the delivery.

Other Specifications Transport orders easily from Posti SmartShip

Transit times for parcels

Germany 3-4 working days, zone 3

Sweden 2-4 working days, zone 4

Denmark 3-4 working days, zone 5

Netherlands 4-5 working days, zone 7

Belgium 4-5 working days, zone 7

Austria 4-5 working days, zone 7

Poland 4-5 working days, zone 7

Czech Republic 4-5 working days, zone 7

Bulgaria 5-8 working days, zone 8

Luxemburg 4-5 working days, zone 8

Spain 4-7 working days, zone 8

Portugal 5-8 working days, zone 8

Slovakia 4-5 working days, zone 8

Slovenia 4-6 working days, zone 8

Hungary 4-6 working days, zone 8

Croatia 5-8 working days, zone 8

Note. Posti is not responsible for any delivery delays arising from Customs inspections or other measures in the destination country.

Packaging instructions

Select the package according to the size of the object. Make sure that the package is shock-proof and definitely undamaged. In addition, the item must withstand 4–5 times its own weight.

Pack your item in a parcel that is as neat and flat as possible. Select a box of a suitable size for your item to prevent the contents from moving in the package. If necessary, use bubble wrap, styrofoam or foam plastic, for instance, to fill the box. Any packaging material causing sticking, and items of an irregular shape or round items may cause issues in mechanical handling. Cardboard and paper are the best materials for the outermost layer of a parcel or letter.

When you send your parcel through Posti you can use any packaging materials. You can also use pre-used materials as long as they are intact, endurable for transport and there is no old address information on top of the parcel. Posti also offers a wide assortment of different packaging materials you can order from Posti’s online shop or buy from the nearest Posti's service point.