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International Priority Letter
With a contract

International Priority Letter

Maximum 250 x 353 x 30 mm

A Priority letter is always delivered to the recipient with fast connections. It is suitable for sending customer letters, information bulletins and invoices.

  • High-quality and prompt
  • Suitable for personal and effective communications
  • Ensures that the information in your message is protected
Destination Countries

International. Country-specific information, restrictions and delivery times can be found at the Country information pages.

Maximum weight

2 kg

Maximum dimensions

250 mm x 353 mm x 30 mm.

Minimum dimensions

90 x 140 mm

Pricing and payment methods

Pricing is based on the quantity and weight of items. The price also depends on the tariff zone and the additional services used. In the Pricing Service a service fee specified in price lists is charged in addition to postage fees. - If the letter item's width, length, or thickness exceeds maximum dimensions 250 x 353 x 30 mm, the item will be handled and invoiced as a parcel.

Payment methods

  • Invoicing on the basis of the mailing list (Port Payé Finlande/PP)
  • Pre-ordered Pre-Paid Envelope
  • Franking machine
  • Pricing Service
Indications and Codes

Port Payé/PP (invoicing on the basis of the mailing list)
The item and payment indication is the Port Payé Finlande indication and the Priority delivery speed marking as well as the Posti marking. A customer number (6 characters) is included to the indication. The customer is responsible for printing the item and payment indication or having it printed.

Franking machine
Franking machine prints the indications required for the delivery. Priority letter items for which the postage is paid using a franking machine should be marked with the Priority indication or a blue Priority label at the top of the address page.

International items must always be furnished with the Priority or Economy marking, indicating the delivery speed.


Delivered to the recipient in basic delivery (no signature required).


If an item cannot be delivered, a notice of arrival will be left with the recipient. The item will be stored at a postal outlet, Poste Restante or P.O. Box for a period ranging from two weeks to two months, depending on the country. Undeliverable items are returned to the sender.

Restrictions as to Content

An Economy letter is not suitable for sending cash or valuables. Other item content restrictions as specified in Posti's general contract and product terms.

Port Payé/PP

Information about an item and/or mailing batch is provided on a mailing list. Attach to each shipment lot a covering letter of an electronic mailing list or a control label with mailing list number. Remember to mark the electronic mailing list as completed before the items are delivered to the posting place.

The postal centers of Helsinki, Tampere, Kuopio and Oulu are the primary posting places, posting time by 5 p.m. at the latest. When items are posted at a terminal, one (1) working day is added to the delivery time. If you are using the Pickup and Delivery Service, please make sure that the items are delivered to the posting place by the last posting time. Batches of less than 100 pcs can be dropped off at a Posti service point or a corporate service point. You can check the locations and posting times here. The items must not be dropped off in a mailbox.

Pricing Service

Attach a work order to an item and/or mailing batch according to Posti's mailing instructions. Read more about pricing service

The items can be dropped off at a Posti outlet, a postal center or the pick-up transport (subject to a charge) can be used. The items must not be dropped off in a mailbox.

Franking machine

You can drop Economy letters stamped with a franking machine off in a mailbox, a Posti outlet, a postal center or the pick-up transport (subject to a charge) can be used. If you drop items off in a mailbox after its latest emptying time, stamp them with the following day’s postmark or an additional zero-euro postmark.

Customs declaration

When sending a letter containing goods to an EU Member State, no separate customs declaration is needed.

The small customs declaration with a bar code (CN 22) is used when sending items containing goods to destinations outside the EU and special regions outside the EU excise and value added tax region. If the value of the item exceeds EUR 300, the required number of large customs declarations (CN 23) filled in a language understood in the destination country should also be included with the item.