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Express Business Day (Parcel & Pallet)
With a contract

Express Business Day (Parcel & Pallet)

Express Business Day Parcel is a cross-border, scheduled parcel delivery that is suitable for all companies and covers all parts of Europe. It is available for deliveries from and to anywhere in Finland. You can track the delivery progress from door to door.

Express Business Day Pallet is a cross-border, scheduled pallet delivery that is suitable for all companies and covers the Nordic region and the Baltic countries. It is available for deliveries from and to anywhere in Finland. You can track the delivery progress from door to door.

    COD (Cash on Delivery)

    Posti is responsible for forwarding the cash on delivery amount to the sender's SEPA bank account. The sender is responsible for the correctness of the account number and the identifying reference information. In case the account or reference information or the information on the amount of cash on delivery is insufficient, Posti accepts no responsibility for the delay in the settlements or other losses.

    IBAN account numbers and bank-identifying BIC codes, complying with the SEPA regulations, are used for cash on delivery shipments. The reference used is a national reference number.

    COD additional service is only available for parcels and pallets from/to Baltics.



    Call before delivery


    Handing over without signature of the adressee


    Posti Home Delivery


    Delivery Time

    Shipments must be either at Vantaa Logistics Center by 4 pm or at Lieto Logistics Center by 5 pm to leave on the same day. Country-specific delivery time estimates are shown in the table below. Delivery time is counted from the time the shipment leaves Finland.

    Netherlands 3 working days

    Belgium 3 working days

    Bulgaria 6 working days

    Spain only mainland, 4–5 working days

    Ireland 5 working days

    Great Britain 3–4 working days

    Italy 4–5 working days

    Austria 3–4 working days

    Greece only mainland, 5–6 working days

    Croatia 6 working days

    Latvia Riika: 1 working days. Other cities: 2 working days

    Lithuania Vilna ja Kaunas: 1 working days. Other cities: 2 working days

    Luxemburg 5 working days

    Norway 00–12: 2 working days. Other parts of Norway: 3–6 working days

    Portugal only mainland, 5–8 working days

    Poland 4–5 working days

    France 3–4 working days

    Romania 6 working days

    Sweden 10–82: 2 working days. 62, 83–99: 3 working days

    Germany 3–4 working days

    Slovakia 6 working days

    Slovenia 6 working days

    Switzerland 4–5 working days

    Denmark 0-4: 2 working days. 5-9: 3 working days

    Czech Republic 4-5 working days

    Hungary 5 working days

    Estonia The largest cities: 1 working days

    Note! Posti is not responsible for any delivery delays arising from Customs inspections or other measures in the destination country.

    Maximum Weight
    Indications and Codes

    Contract customers are provided with the address Posti SmartShip label printing software free of charge.

    Deliveries to destinations outside Europe containing goods must be accompanied with appendices required by the customs declaration.

    For commercial goods deliveries, a commercial or pro forma invoice is required.


    Deliveries are picked up from the sender according to the agreement, or they may be dropped off at a postal outlet (dispatch the following working day).

    Track & Trace

    Item progress and handover information is available in Item Tracking.


    Delivered to the recipient in the destination country. PO Box addresses cannot be used.

    The service includes one delivery attempt. After the delivery attempt, the item storage period covers the week of arrival and the following week.


    €/piece, see the price list. The prices are subject to a fuel surcharge.

    Export and import customs clearance is included in the price in countries outside the EU. The recipient is responsible for the destination country's taxes and customs duties.

    Delivery Terms
    Restrictions as to Content

    The delivery may not contain any items or substances that are prohibited under Posti's general terms of delivery.

    The destination country-specific bans and restrictions must be checked in Posti's Country information.

    Cash, tradable securities, precious metals, gems, and other valuable items must always be insured for the delivery.