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With a contract

EMS parcel

The EMS express service (Express Mail Service) is a cost-effective, scheduled transport service to all addresses in more than 190 countries. Items are always tracked and they are transported abroad separately from other mail using the fastest transport alternatives available. The service includes maximum compensation for lost or damaged items.

  • Deliveries to the EU zone within 1–3 working days and elsewhere in the world within 2–8 working days
  • Create a contract on regular pickups, order a one-off delivery or take the parcels to Posti's service point.
  • The item will be delivered to the address indicated on the address label and handed over against an acknowledgement
Detailed information, terms and conditions

Delivery time EU countries 1-3 working days, Other countries 2-8 working days.

The mailing date is not included. Delivery times might be longer during the peak seasons.

Posti is not responsible for any delivery delays arising from Customs inspections or other measures in the country of destination.

Indications and codes We recommend that contract customers start using the SmartShip printing software where you can print address labels, customs declaration papers and commercial invoices.

Please note when sending: The telephone number and e-mail address written on the address label are crucial in reaching the recipient in the destination country. You should always add them to the address label if you know them.

EMS DocPack: For deliveries to destinations outside the EU and special regions outside the EU excise and value added tax region, the small customs declaration form with a bar code (CN 22) is used. EMS goods delivery: No customs declaration is required for EU countries.

Deliveries to destinations outside Europe containing goods must be accompanied with attachments required by the customs declaration. More detailed information can be found in Country information. For commercial goods deliveries, a commercial or pro forma invoice is required.

Export and import customs clearance are not included in the price to countries outside the EU. The recipient is responsible for the destination country’s taxes and customs duties.

Sending Deliveries are picked up from the sender according to the agreement, or they may be dropped off at a postal outlet (dispatch the following working day).

Special packages included in the price of the delivery:

  • DocPack cardboard envelope for documents weighing less than 500g (B4).
  • SealPack delivery bag (B3) for goods and documents.
  • MaxiPack cardboard box for light goods (inner dimensions: 40 x 25 x 6 cm).

Senders can also use their own transport packages.

Item tracking Item progress and handover information is available in Item Tracking

Receiving Items will be delivered to the recipient's address. Post office box addresses cannot be used.

Delivery Terms Product terms for international transport services

Restrictions as to Content Lähetys ei saa sisältää Maailman postiliiton (UPU) kieltämiä, lentokuljetuksessa kiellettyjä eikä yleisten Postin toimitusehtojen mukaan kiellettyjä aineita ja tuotteita. Raha, arvopaperit, jalometallit, korut ja muut arvoesineet tulee lähettää aina postivakuutettuna.

Other Specifications Effortless transport orders with SmartShip

Posti's Country information Learn more about, for example, dimension and import restrictions and documentation requirements set by various destination countries. Posti's Country information provides as up-to-date information as possible about all special characteristics required for sending items to each destination country. Go to the Country information.

Packaging instructions

Select the package according to the size of the object. Make sure that the package is shock-proof and definitely undamaged. In addition, the item must withstand 4–5 times its own weight.

Pack your item in a parcel that is as neat and flat as possible. Select a box of a suitable size for your item to prevent the contents from moving in the package. If necessary, use bubble wrap, styrofoam or foam plastic, for instance, to fill the box. Any packaging material causing sticking, and items of an irregular shape or round items may cause issues in mechanical handling. Cardboard and paper are the best materials for the outermost layer of a parcel or letter.

When you send your parcel through Posti you can use any packaging materials. You can also use pre-used materials as long as they are intact, endurable for transport and there is no old address information on top of the parcel. Posti also offers a wide assortment of different packaging materials you can order from Posti’s online shop or buy from the nearest Posti's service point.