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With a contract

Small Parcel

Maximum 35 x 25 x 3 cm

Small Parcel is an affordable and easy way to send small items that fit into a mail slot or mailbox. Delivered anywhere in Finland together with day mail.

  • Small Parcels are delivered through the mail slot.
  • Delivered within 2–3 working days (delivery time in dispersed settelement may vary)
  • Create a contract on regular pickups, order a one-off delivery or take the parcels to Posti's service point.
Delivery Time

2-3 working days. Delivery time in dispersed settlement may vary.

Minimum Dimensions

No minimum dimensions. Attach the address label on the item so that the bar code can be read automatically. The address label may not be folded over the edge of the package or be on top of the place where the packaging is closed. Read more about parcel labels here.


You can make an agreement with Posti on the regular pick-up of your shipments or order a pick-up service for an individual shipment lot. Alternatively, you can bring your parcels to a Posti outlet yourself.

An address label approved by Posti must be attached to the shipment. Posti offers a free-of-charge address label printing program that sends an electronic advance notification about the shipment (EDI message). EDI messages give you access to all of the features of the service.

Track & Trace

Small Parcels come with a light tracking service that allows the sender to use item tracking. o see when the parcel is being processed by Posti.


We deliver shipments to the consumer's mail slot or box. Deliveries are made on weekdays.

If the shipment does not fit the mail slot or box, the shipment will be delivered to the recipient's local postal outlet to be picked up. If the recipient does not collect the shipment from the postal outlet, the shipment will be returned to the sender after 7 days.


€/piece, see the price list The prices are subject to a fuel surcharge

Delivery Terms
Returning parcels

You can print a return address label using the Posti printing program, the Posti website or your own system, or by contacting Posti Customer Service. The return label can be included in the parcel or sent to the customer separately.

The recipient will return the shipment to a pickup point or a mailbox. Shipments that have not been collected will be returned to the sender

Things to remember

The recipient's mobile number is required.

Paid by other than sender

Transportation and additional services can be paid by other than the sender.