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With a contract

Postal Parcel

Maximum 120 x 60 x 60 cm

Postal Parcels can be collected or sent easily with a comprehensive network consisting of over 1,400 service points, including postal outlets and Posti Parcel Lockers. The Postal Parcel will be picked up from you by 5 p.m., or you can drop it off at the postal outlet. The recipient will pick up the parcel on the day of arrival after 7 p.m. Parcels are also delivered on Saturdays to more than 420 Posti Parcel lockers and service points in the capital region and in the Turku, Tampere, Lahti, Seinäjoki, Pori, Jyväskylä, Kuopio and Oulu regions.

  • Deliveries primarily within 1 day
  • Create a contract on regular pickups, order a one-off delivery or take the parcels to Posti's service point.
  • The recipient can pick up the item from a postal outlet or a Parcel Locker
Delivery time

Deliveries primarily within 1 day

Maximum dimensions

120 x 60 x 60 cm, at Parcel Points 60 x 36 x 60 cm With the Oversized supplementary service: 180 x 80 x 60 cm 35 kg Compare the dimensions of different parcel products

Minimum Dimensions

15 x 15 x 1 cm, 100 g


You can make an agreement with Posti on the regular pick-up of your shipments or order a pick-up service for an individual shipment lot. Alternatively, you can bring your parcels to a Posti outlet yourself.

An address label approved by Posti must be attached to the shipment. Posti offers a free-of-charge address label printing program that sends an electronic advance notification about the shipment (EDI message). EDI messages give you access to all of the features of the service.

Item Tracking

The delivery of the item can be tracked with the help of the tracking code attached to the item in the Item Track.

Receiving a parcel

The recipient will receive a notice of arrival as an SMS, through e-mail and via Posti’s mobile application, if the customer uses it. If this information is missing, a mail notification will be sent only for items to be picked from a Posti outlet.

A reminder message will be sent on the 4th day after the arrival of the item by SMS, e-mail and via a mobile application. If you wish, a reminder letter can be sent on the 8th day, subject to a charge. The parcel can be picked up at the Posti outlet by presenting the notice of arrival/item ID and personal ID. From a Posti Parcel Locker, the item will be collected with a locker code. The storage period is 7 days in Posti's service points and Parcel Lockers. Pickup points can be easily reached and they are located in places that have long opening hours, often including weekends and evenings. See service points and opening hours.


€/piece + €/kg, please refer to the price list No MPS feature The prices are subject to a fuel surcharge

Delivery Terms
Returning parcels

You can print a return address label using the Posti printing program, the Posti website or your own system, or by contacting Posti Customer Service. The return label can be included in the parcel or sent to the customer separately.

The recipient will return the shipment to a pickup point or a mailbox. Shipments that have not been collected will be returned to the sender

Fast track

The Fast track supplementary service delivers same-day postal parcels six days a week (Mon-Sat) in the capital region if the parcel arrives at the Posti terminal by 1 p.m. The process is always agreed on separately with the customer. Parcels are delivered to Posti's parcel lockers in grocery stores and shopping centers by 7 p.m for consumer pickup.

COD (Cash on Delivery)

Posti is responsible for forwarding the cash on delivery amount to the sender's SEPA bank account. The sender is responsible for the correctness of the account number and the identifying reference information. In case the account or reference information or the information on the amount of cash on delivery is insufficient, Posti accepts no responsibility for the delay in the settlements or other losses.

IBAN account numbers and bank-identifying BIC codes, complying with the SEPA regulations, are used for cash on delivery shipments. The reference used is a national reference number.

COD additional service is only available for parcels and pallets from/to Baltics.


With the service, you can ensure the careful handling of your products vulnerable to damage. Using the additional service requires a marking on the shipment and the EDI message.

Pickup reminder by mail: in paper form or to OmaPosti

A reminder letter is sent to the recipient of the item either as a printed copy or through OmaPosti, if the recipient has not picked up the item within eight (8) days from its arrival.

Handing over to the Adressee in person (not possible with an automat)

We will only hand over the item to the person indicated on the address label. The service allows you to ensure that even valuable items can be delivered safely.

Identification of the parcel point customer (possible only with Parcel Point)

With service you get more security eg. for sending shipment with an invoice. The service price is as of 1st of January 2017 1 € / piece.

  • Fraud in e-commerce rising and has become more and more sophisticated.
  • The challenge is in particular in connection with the payment of the invoice.
  • Recipient's identification has been a challenge.
  • Recipient´s identification at parcel point is based on a mobile phone number.
  • Recipient's phone number is checked against the Posti data.
  • If the phone number is not recognized the customer receives SMS to identify in Posti service. - Only after identification the customer receives parcel of the parcel point.
  • Page created for consumers which explains the service can be found here (in Finnish):

We recommend using identification service only when needed and with individual parcels. The service is controlled technically with an additional service code. Exactly the same way as, for example, the COD additional service. Identification service additional service code is 3151.

Extended Storage Period for Contract Customers

The item storage period can be extended by seven (7) days. The use of the service requires that the sender submits an EDI message informing about this supplementary service.

Paid by other than sender

Transportation and additional services can be paid by other than the sender.

LQ process permission

The process permission is only for restricted classifications and substance quantities, and, of these, only for separately named products.


You can send address-labeled items the size of which exceeds the normal maximum size of the main product, up to the maximum size for the Oversized additional service.

Packaging instructions

Select the package according to the size of the object. Make sure that the package is shock-proof and definitely undamaged. In addition, the item must withstand 4–5 times its own weight.

Pack your item in a parcel that is as neat and flat as possible. Select a box of a suitable size for your item to prevent the contents from moving in the package. If necessary, use bubble wrap, styrofoam or foam plastic, for instance, to fill the box. Any packaging material causing sticking, and items of an irregular shape or round items may cause issues in mechanical handling. Cardboard and paper are the best materials for the outermost layer of a parcel or letter.

When you send your parcel through Posti you can use any packaging materials. You can also use pre-used materials as long as they are intact, endurable for transport and there is no old address information on top of the parcel. Posti also offers a wide assortment of different packaging materials you can order from Posti’s online shop or buy from the nearest Posti's service point.