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With a contract

Registered letter with contract

Maximum 250 x 353 x 30 mm

A registered letter is a secure way of sending an item to a recipient. The service includes an acknowledgement of the mailing, item tracking and handing the item over at Posti's service point. Not suitable for sending cash or valuables.

  • Suitable for sending payment cards, decisions and information, among other things
  • The item is only handed over to the recipient or a person authorized by the recipient against an acknowledgement
  • Handing over personally to only the recipient available as an additional service
Delivery time

Delivered to the Posti outlet indicated by the recipient’s address from where it can be picked up usually on the second or at the latest third weekday after the posting day.

Maximum weight

2 kg

250 x 353 x 30 mm

250 x 353 x 30 mm

Minimum dimensions

90 x 140 mm


Dropped off at a postal outlet, a postal center or a terminal or picked up with the pickup service (subject to a charge). See the more detailed Mailing instructions.

Electronic notice of arrival is possible when Posti SmartShip or EDI messages are being used

Item tracking

Status and delivery information is available via Item Tracking.

Receiving valuable items

Arrival of the item is notified using with an electronic or paper notice of arrival.

The item is handed over to the recipient or a person authorized by the recipient in exchange for an acknowledgement. If the right to sign has been restricted with an additional service, the item will only be handed over to the person indicated as the recipient. Valuable items addressed to companies and organizations may only be handed over to a person who is authorized to sign for the company/organization or is otherwise authorized to receive the item.

Payment Methods
Delivery Terms

Items that could not be delivered to the recipient will be stored at the operating location for fourteen (14) days. The notice of arrival indicates the deadline for picking up the item from the operating location. A second notice of arrival is not sent. Forwarding from outlet to outlet will not extend the combined storage period at different operating locations.

Valuable items are handed over to the addressee in person

You may limit the right of receipt confirmation so that the letter is only handed over to the addressee in person.

An electronic notice of arrival for a letter

Electronic notices of arrival allow you to offer your customer improved service, have your items reach their destinations more swiftly and reduce the number of items that are not collected.

The electronic notice of arrival is available for contract customers free of charge. It can be used for domestic registered letters as well as cash on delivery letters, letter with advice of delivery and insured items. You submit advance information of the items left for delivery as an EDI message. Your customer will receive a notice of arrival based on the message.

Electronic notices of arrival primarily come in the form of SMSs and e-mails. If an SMS cannot reach the recipient, the notice of arrival will be sent as a letter or as an electronic letter to Netposti. A reminder message (subject to a charge) is also available. It requires the use of the electronic notice of arrival.

If you use the Posti SmartShip ordering channel, you can start using electronic notices of arrival by checking the box in the additional services section. For activating the use of EDI messages, please contact Posti Customer Service or your contact person.