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Without a contract

Registered letter

Maximum 25 x 35.3 x 3 cm

A registered letter is a secure way of sending an item to a recipient. The service includes an acknowledgement of the mailing, item tracking and handing the item over at Posti's service point. Not suitable for sending cash or valuables.

  • Suitable for sending payment cards, decisions and information, among other things
  • The item is only handed over to the recipient or a person authorized by the recipient against an acknowledgement
  • Handing over personally to only the recipient available as an additional service
Item Tracking

The delivery of the item can be tracked with the help of the tracking code attached to the item in the Item Track.


Items that could not be delivered to the recipient will be stored at the operating location for fourteen (14) days. The notice of arrival indicates the deadline for picking up the item from the operating location. A second notice of arrival is not sent. Forwarding from outlet to outlet will not extend the combined storage period at different operating locations.

Restrictions as to Content

Not suitable for sending cash or valuables. Posti assumes responsibility for cash, securities or other valuables only if they are sent as Insured Items.

Other specifications

Check delivery areas from the delivery time inquiry


You can leave express letter to the post office or the post office. Shipments must not be left in the letterbox


A notification of arrival is delivered to the addressee. Items are only handed over against the signature of the addressee or a person authorized by the addressee. If the sender specifies that the item may only be delivered to the addressee, no one else is authorized to receive it.

Pursuant to the Postal Act, Posti has the right to enter on the delivery documents of the registered item the entire personal identity number of the person to whom the item is handed over and the document from which the identity has been verified. Posti does not disclose personal identity numbers to other parties.

Registered mail items from abroad are delivered following General Delivery Terms January 1, 2017, where applicable. Eg. boxable items originating from international webshops and containing goods may be delivered directly to the recipient’s address, with a delivery scan verifying the delivery.

Indications and Codes

The item is provided with an individual tracking barcode.