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With a contract

Priority Letter

Maximum 250 x 353 x 30 mm

Use a Priority letter if you want your letter to be delivered primarily by the second working day from the mailing. As a Posti customer, you will know that your customer will receive the letter even if their address information has changed or it is deficient.

  • High-quality and prompt
  • Suitable for personal and effective communications
  • Delivery days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
Detailed information, terms and conditions

Delivery time Priority letters mailed on weekdays (Mon–Fri) in accordance with Posti’s instructions and/or the agreement between the customer and Posti are delivered to recipients primarily on the second weekday following their mailing date and no later than on the third weekday following their mailing date.

Maximum weight 2kg

Maximum dimensions 250 x 353 x 30mm

If the letter item's width, length, or thickness exceeds maximum dimensions, the item will be handled and invoiced as a parcel

Minimum dimensions 90 x 140 x 0.2mm

Sending Port Payé/PP: Information about an item and/or mailing batch is provided on a mailing list and a covering letter of the electronic mailing list is attached.

Pricing service:
A work order is attached to an item and/or mailing batch. Items with information provided on a mailing list (PP/Port Payé) or items directed to the Pricing Service handling can be dropped off at a Posti outlet, a postal center or a terminal or the pickup transport (subject to a charge) can be used. As a rule, the latest posting time is 5 p.m. Items must not be dropped off in a mailbox.

Franking machine and Posti Pre-Paid Envelopes: items can be dropped off in a mailbox. Read more about delivery and payment methods.

Receiving Delivered to the recipient’s mail slot or mailbox in Posti’s basic delivery

Payment methods Choose the payment and mailing method that best fits your needs

Restrictions Not suitable for sending cash or valuables. The content is restricted as specified in Posti’s General Contract Terms.

Product Terms

COD (Cash on Delivery) for a letter

With COD (Cash on Delivery), you can ensure that you receive payment for the item in your account before it is handed over to the recipient. You can add the cash on delivery service to Priority and Economy letters and Insured Items.

We are responsible for forwarding the COD amount that you have specified to a Finnish bank account within 2 to 4 banking days from the payment. The maximum amount of COD is EUR 2,000.

For a payment with a bank reference, the reference number is transmitted to the recipient of the payment; for a payment without a reference number, the payer’s name is transmitted. IBAN account numbers and bank-identifying BIC codes, complying with the SEPA regulations, are used for COD (Cash on Delivery) items. If the account or reference information is incorrect, we accept no responsibility for delays or losses.

There is a separate address label for COD (Cash on Delivery) items. You can add an electronic notice of arrival to a Cash on Delivery Letter.

From the beginning of 2019, domestic and international letters with address labels can be ordered through the Posti SmartShip ordering channel, or through another EDI interface, and other ordering and payment methods and multi-section address labels will no longer be in use.