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With a contract

Express Letter

Maximum 25 x 35.3 x 3 cm

Express letter brings security to the schedule and provides item tracking. Depending on the connection route, the item will arrive either the following or second weekday from the mailing, often also on Saturdays (not public holidays). Check the availability of the service from the delivery time inquiry. Contract customers’ payment methods include Posti SmartShip, franking machine, Posti Pre-Paid Envelope and invoicing based on mailing list (PP).

  • Suitable for sending urgent messages, documents and drafts
  • Express letters are delivered every weekday, including Tuesdays
  • Saturday Deliveries are also possible in large cities and towns
  • Not suitable for sending money and valuable items
Delivery time

The item is delivered to the Posti outlet indicated by the recipient's address where it can be picked up usually on the second or at the latest third weekday after the mailing date.


Express Letters can be dropped off at a Posti outlet, a postal center or the pick-up transport (subject to a charge) can be used. The items must not be dropped off in a mailbox. See payment method specific instructions

Item Tracking

The delivery of the item can be tracked with the help of the tracking code attached to the item in the Item Track.


Express letters are delivered to recipients in the basic delivery. If the only address of an express letter is a post office box, the letter is delivered to the post office box. If both a post office box and a visiting address are indicated in an express letter, the item is delivered to the visiting address.

Restrictions as to Content

Not suitable for sending cash or valuables. Posti assumes responsibility for cash, securities or other valuables only if they are sent as Insured Items.

Delivery terms
Saturday delivery

In specified areas, shipments will be distributed separately on Saturday. Check the availability of the service in delivery time inquiry.