A letter is a flexible and affordable solution for many sending needs. It is suitable for personal and effective communications and for invoicing. Select sending letters without being a contract customer when you send fewer than 10 letters a week. When your company needs to send more items, become a contract customer!

Letter type

Take the letter to a mailbox. Delivery to the recipient’s mailbox, 4 working days.

Take to a Posti outlet. Items are handed over against an acknowledgement when the COD amount has been paid. Delivery in 2–3 working days.

Send e-invoices to corporate recipients. You do not need investments or a separate invoicing system – you only pay the transaction fee for the invoices you send.

Deliver your letters to the recipient safely and with appropriate authentication using Omaposti.

Suitable for sending urgent messages, documents and drafts. Take to a Posti outlet. Delivery to the recipient’s mailbox, 1–2 working days.

For sending payment cards, decisions and information, among other things. Handed over against acknowledgement, 2–3 working days.

New customer?

If you send more than 10 letters per week, you should become a Posti contract customer. As a contract customer, you get business IDs for services and subscription channels.

Domestic letter service