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Without a contract

Freight without contract

Freight is a service for larger shipments.

The service is suitable for the transport of heavier goods from a single item to a full load – the waybill is used as the transport document and the pallet as the transport platform.

Supplementary services offer the solutions for transport requiring additional handling and flexibility and increase your customer satisfaction

Place your transportation order as early as possible on the pickup day, no later than 12 noon. Partial and full loads should be ordered the day before the scheduled pickup time.

The order will be picked up according to the service area register, as long as the transportation order is placed before 12 noon. The driver will carry out the receipt inspection and loading for the shipment. The sender is responsible for the proper packaging of the shipment.

The shipment will be delivered to the recipient on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. If the recipient is a private individual, we will make personal contact to agree on the best time for the delivery. For this purpose, an extra weekday should be reserved.

You can also order Posti Freight services through, for example, Unifaun, Consignor and Please note that the board of Logistiikkayritysten Liitto ry (the Association of Logistics Companies) and the companies involved in⁠—Kaukokiito, Posti and Schenker⁠—have decided to discontinue the service at the end of March 2020.

  • Posti's Freight and Express Freight services allow you to reach approximately 90% of the companies in Finland by the next business day
  • Approximately 97% of freight shipments are delivered overnight, five days per week
Transport of dangerous goods

The service enables the lawful transport of dangerous substances and objects.

Heated Transport

Heat transportation enables delivery for products and liquids that are cold-sensitive. We transport the shipment in heated delivery vehicles and terminals at each stage. The shipments are transported in a heated (> +0 degrees) cargo space. The Heated Transport service is available on weekdays from October 1 to April 30.

Consumer Delivery

Posti contacts the recipient to agree on a delivery date and, prior to delivery, calls the recipient's number provided in the order. The delivery is done at 8am to 4pm at the recipient's home address. The freight is unloaded in the vehicle's immediate vicinity. The conditions of the service are unobstructed access to the delivery address for transport equipment. The service also includes a call before delivery. The shipment will be delivered to the recipient on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Scheduled delivery

We deliver the scheduled transportation to the recipient according to a pre-agreed schedule. Selected delivery windows are 07-09, 09-12, 12-14 and 14-16. Check the postcode-specific time windows on the SmartShip subscription channel.

Call before delivery

Our driver will call the recipient at least one hour before delivery and will inform you of your arrival time. The extra service gives you extra time to prepare for the load. The recipient's phone number is required.

Delivery to Specific Location

Delivery to a specific location with unobstructed access. Includes agreeing the time for delivery. Requires the addressee’s telephone number. A service that is agreed with a salesperson and started separately.

Crane Delivery Service

Pickup or delivery of freight shipments is made using crane equipment. The Crane Delivery Service is available for shipment lots weighing under 5,000 kg, and a single load cannot weigh more than 2,500 kg.

Handing over to the Adressee in person

The delivery is only handed to the person specified in the shipment. The identity of the person picking up the shipment is verified, and identity can be verified using a driver's license, passport or photo identity document. The recipient will be contacted before starting the route or at least an hour before delivery to the recipient.

Handing over without the Acknowledgement of the Addressee

We will deliver your item to the recipient’s address even if the recipient is not at home. We will leave the item in a protected place.

COD (Cash on Delivery)

The recipient is charged for the goods and freight charges at the time of delivery via a payment terminal. The freight shipment is handed over to the recipient against the payment specified by the customer.

Delivery to Terminal

Customers can take their freight shipments that are ready for delivery directly to the terminal for transport. The Customer can address the shipment directly to the terminal, from where the recipient will pick it up. Posti contacts the recipient once the shipment in question has arrived at the terminal.

Pickup from Terminal

Recipient can pick up freight shipments from terminal. Posti contacts the recipient once the shipment in question has arrived at the terminal.

Long Shipment

Service applies to articles and bundles that are 2,4–7,0 meters long and stackable.

Dispatch data report

We deliver a report on the customer’s own dispatch data.

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