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With a contract

Express Freight

With the Express Freight Service, you reach approximately 90% of companies in Finland by the next working day. Approximately 97% of freight shipments are delivered overnight, five days per week.

Make a contract with Posti for regular shipment pickups or order a single pick-up service for your mailing batch. Through the Posti SmartShip ordering channel, you can print address labels, send an EDI message and submit a pickup order. When you place an order by 12 noon, we will pick up your shipment on the day of order.

The shipment is delivered to the recipient by 4 p.m. More detailed transport times are available through a delivery time inquiry.

  • Posti's Freight and Express Freight services allow you to reach approximately 90% of the companies in Finland by the next business day
  • Approximately 97% of freight shipments are delivered overnight, five days per week
Same Day 00

Posti's fastest transport service to local demand. Shipments are picked up from the customer in accordance with the location- and service-specific timetable or in accordance with the customer contract and delivered to the recipient on the same day by 4 p.m.

Morning 09

The shipment is delivered to the addressee in the areas specified in the Delivery time inquiry on the following weekday by 9 a.m.

Evening 21

Suitable for deliveries to consumer addresses. The time of delivery is agreed with the addressee and, in major cities, the shipment is delivered to the addressee's residence and evening deliveries are made by 9 p.m. In municipalities other than major cities, shipments are delivered by 4 p.m. and the driver helps the recipient carry the shipment inside.

Delivery to Specific Location

Delivery to a specific location with unobstructed access. Includes agreeing the time for delivery. Requires the addressee’s telephone number. A service that is agreed with a salesperson and started separately.

Printed notice of arrival

The recipient will receive the notice of arrival as a letter.

COD (Cash on Delivery)

We charge the fee specified by the sender from the recipient at the time of delivering the shipment. COD (Cash on Delivery) is a fast way for your customer to pay and an easy method for the company to ensure payment.

Handing over to the Adressee in person

The delivery is only handed to the person specified in the shipment. The identity of the person picking up the shipment is verified, and identity can be verified using a driver's license, passport or photo identity document. The recipient will be contacted before starting the route or at least an hour before delivery to the recipient.

LQ Transport

The service enables the lawful transport of dangerous goods packed in limited quantity, provided for in the Finnish Act on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (VAK), for instance aerosols or windshield washer fluids.

Transport of dangerous goods

The service enables the lawful transport of dangerous substances and objects.

Heated Transport

Heat transportation enables delivery for products and liquids that are cold-sensitive. We transport the shipment in heated delivery vehicles and terminals at each stage. The shipments are transported in a heated (> +0 degrees) cargo space. The Heated Transport service is available on weekdays from October 1 to April 30.

Transport Package Removal

The shipment is unloaded from the transport platform, and the packaging material is removed and disposed as appropriate.

Laiteasennus (en)

Isokokoiset ja painavat kodinelektroniikantuotteet on mahdollista saada kotiin kannettuna ja asennettuna. Asennuspalvelualueemme kattaa yli 70% kotitalouksista ja sovimme aina sopivan toimitusajankohdan vastaanottajan kanssa. (en)

Soitto ennen jakelua (rahti express)

We call the recipient before the delivery and notify them of the delivery time.

Handing over without the Acknowledgement of the Addressee

We will deliver your item to the recipient’s address even if the recipient is not at home. We will leave the item in a protected place.

Electronic Pre-notification

We send an advance information about a shipment to be delivered. The notification is sent to the mobile phone number or email address of the sender specified on the EDI message.

Pickup from Terminal

Recipient can pick up freight shipments from terminal. Posti contacts the recipient once the shipment in question has arrived at the terminal.