Posti's delivery methods for a Shopify online store

Use the Posti Shipping plugin to easily add Posti’s delivery methods to the checkout page of your online store. You can print parcel labels directly from your online store with only a couple of clicks. The plugin is free for our contract customers – you will only pay for the delivery of parcels.

The Posti Shipping plugin is suitable for your online store if:

  • You send parcels to Finland and/or abroad.

  • You process orders with the e-commerce platform’s tools.

  • You are Posti’s contract customer.

Why choose the Posti Shipping plugin?

  • Easily add delivery methods and pickup points to the checkout page of your online store.
  • Send parcels swiftly and make fewer mistakes.
  • Create a delivery to the customer with only a couple of clicks.
  • Save time and money – the plugin is free for contract customers.

Enabling the plugin

  1. Order an API key

  2. Download the plugin from the Shopify App Store

  3. Activate the plugin with the API key

We will process orders within approximately 2–5 working days. To place an order, your company must have a logistics contract with Posti.

Order an API key

New customer? Get an easy start to sending

If you are not yet a Posti contract customer, start using the Online retailer’s Starter Pack: you can easily become a customer online and get access to easy, fixed prices for parcels.

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