Boost your warehousing and in-house logistics through outsourcing

Focus on your own core competency and let us take care of your logistics, whether in need of warehouse premises or warehousing experts. Outsourcing warehousing or in-house logistics is an efficient solution for boosting competitiveness.

  • Gain access to the latest warehousing and process technology and service expertise

  • Turn fixed costs into variable costs

Outsourced warehousing services

We will provide the latest warehousing and process technology to enhance your operations. In addition, our state-of-the-art online tools enable you to virtually increase your available product selection without impacting the balance. All this grows your sales and enables quick reactions to volume fluctuations and seasons.

In-house logistics

We perform logistics operations on the customers’ premises, using their processes and systems. We provide professional supervisors and employees to carry out the operations. We can provide these services in various environments, from warehouses to terminals, production facilities and shops.