Postal parcel delivered to doorstep or pickup point

We will deliver your item in the manner of your choosing. In Finland, your customer may not even need to wait overnight for their postal parcel.

Who is the service designed for?

The domestic parcel services are designed for our contract customers in need of regular parcel deliveries to businesses or consumers and for e-commerce needs. If you are sending parcels infrequently, you can also easily send them and pay for them online.


We deliver parcels to your customers quickly and effortlessly throughout Finland. Your customer may not even need to wait overnight for their parcel. If the item is not picked up, we will automatically return it to the sender.

You will have access to a nationwide service network. As our customer, you only need to gather your items in one place – we will take care of the rest. We will pick up your company’s parcels at the agreed time and from the agreed location and deliver them directly to your customer’s warehouse, shop or office. We offer you and your customers diverse delivery types to Parcel Lockers, Posti outlets, homes and businesses. We can also handle unpacking and shelving upon your request.

Posti’s digital services enable you and your customer to track the item until it is delivered. If an item is not picked up from a Posti service point or Parcel Locker, it is automatically returned to the sender. All of our domestic Transport Services are 100% carbon neutral Posti Green services – without additional fees.

  • Pickup and delivery, often even on the same day

  • We also deliver your items on Saturdays in the largest cities

This is how parcel services works

Find the best sending services for your company’s needs

Send without a contract

For sending parcels fast and occasionally

  • When you send fewer than 50 parcels a month
  • Fixed price per parcel, pay online immediately
Send with a contract

For sending parcels and freight regularly

  • When you send more than 50 parcels a month
  • For sending freight regularly
  • Pricing is based on the number of the items, payment with an invoice