Quick and affordable delivery for international parcels

Our international parcel services help you reach any consumer living abroad as easily as those living in Finland.

Who is the service designed for?

Posti’s international parcel services are designed for our contract customers who need transport services for e-commerce needs or who regularly deliver parcels to businesses or consumers outside Finnish borders. If your company does not have a contract with Posti, you can still send one-off parcels abroad efficiently in the online sending service.


We will deliver your items to your customers quickly and affordably, even outside Finnish borders. By signing an international return agreement, you can also offer your international e-commerce customers the option of free-of-charge returns.

Sending and returning parcels abroad is easier, faster and more affordable than ever before, thanks to our international parcel services. You can trust us to always deliver your company’s parcels reliably and on schedule, both in Finland and abroad. If your online store is looking to go international, Posti is the perfect partner for your domestic and international delivery needs. Our services are perfect for the needs of online retailers looking to go international as well as for regular corporate or consumer deliveries.

  • Expand your online store’s market from Finland to abroad

  • Sending and returning made easy, fast and affordable

International ERS service is now available from 24 countries

Once you sign an international return contract, you can provide first-class services to the international customers of your online store by offering a free-of-charge return service from their country to Finland. The customer can deliver the return item to their nearest postal outlet abroad, free of charge. The Finnish online store will receive an invoice for the postage fee of the return. International returns are made with an ERS address label that Finnish online retailers can order from Posti Service Canal.

International return, ERS is now available from the following countries: Belgium, Germany, France, Great Britain, Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Ireland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Estonia, Poland, Lithuania, Portugal, Greece, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Malta, Latvia, Bulgaria.

How to start using Posti’s parcel services