Cheaper home delivery to big cities

Cheaper delivery to the homes of over 2 million Finns with area pricing.

Dear online retailer, the updated Home Parcel is quicker, more punctual and 100% carbon neutral.

Add area pricing to your customer account and get even cheaper delivery for your Home Parcels in Finland’s biggest cities

  • Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Tampere, Turku, Oulu, Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Lahti

Example: Sending a shoebox to Tampere

When you deliver shoes to the customer's home in Tampere: New price approx 7,70 € – 8,40 €, depending on the delivery quantity* Previously approx 9,70 € - 10,40 €, depending on the delivery quantity.

*1.4 kg volumetric weight, price includes fuel surcharge. The price is an example, the actual price is obtained from the seller and is valid for the period stated in the offer.

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Posti is always developing itself – The Home Parcel service is being updated

We always want to be better and that’s why we’re constantly working to develop our services. Learn more about the new features of the Home Parcel, such as the real-time tracking of parcels and the shorter delivery time windows.

Estimate the parcel’s postage fee

Calculate an example fee for a home delivery item by entering the dimensions of the parcel and the postal code of the recipient in the calculator. The calculator estimates the parcel’s postage fee on the basis of an area pricing model. The annual mail volume and the current fuel surcharge impact the actual fee. If you want a quote on contract prices, please contact Posti’s sales team by submitting the form on the website.

A fuel surcharge of 10% is included in the price estimate. The amount of fuel surcharge is determined on a monthly basis.