Delivering to consumers

We deliver parcels to postal outlets, Parcel Lockers, to pick up points in stores and as home deliveries. Sometimes things get returned as well. When returning an item, your customer gets access to our entire comprehensive service network. We can help with managing and processing customer returns so that the products will be back on sale in no time.

Interested? Let Posti take care of your deliveries

How many parcels a month are you sending right now?

Come as a corporate customer

Sign an electronic contract with us and become a Posti customer -it only takes a few minutes. You will pay for the services according to use, and you can start sending parcels right away.

An electronic contract is a good fit for you if:

  • Your business is registered in Finland (Finnish business ID)

  • You need to send parcels

Creating a customership is quick and easy

  1. Identify electronically

  2. Check the contract terms

  3. Sign a contract

  4. Start sending parcels

You can also discuss with our sales for any questions related to the customership or services.