Additional services

We have additional services to cover all your needs. Have your item delivered faster with the Morning delivery or Same day service. Our installation and shelving services make life easier for you and your customer because we will deliver the products all the way and make them ready to use.

Installation service

  • Home delivery and product installation easily at one go.
  • Our range of installed products is constantly expanding.

Our installation service enables you to make life easier for your customers. They will gain quick and easy access to the products they have ordered. Each installation is performed carefully with due consideration for the safety instructions. Read more about our installation service

Shelving service

- Delivery to the agreed location, unpacking and shelving the products. - Suitable for regular and pre-agreed product deliveries. Let us shelve your products for you. We will unpack the item, recycle the packaging materials and shelve your products. If necessary, we can also take care of the inventory and placing additional orders. Learn more about our shelving service

Other Express additional services

Morning 09

Parcel and freight. Delivered by 9 a.m. the next working day.

Same Day 00

Parcel and freight. Picked up in the morning, delivered on the same day.

Evening 21

Freight. The delivery time is agreed with the recipient.


Parcel. If the size of your item exceeds the maximum parcel size, you can use the Large additional service.

Transport of Dangerous Goods (VAK) and LQ transport

Parcel and freight. We handle the transport of any parcels classified as dangerous goods safely and in accordance with the applicable legislation.

Saturday delivery

Parcel. Speed up deliveries by one more delivery day.

COD (Cash on Delivery)

Parcel, for freight with the Evening 21 additional service only. The recipient will get hold of the parcel once they have paid for the item.


Parcel. Ensure gentle handling of your item.

Delivery to a specific location

Parcel and freight. The item is delivered to a location agreed with the recipient.

Unpacking from transportation package

Parcel and freight. We will unpack and recycle the packaging materials.

Transport to recycling

Freight. We will bring a new product and take the old one away.

Call before delivery

Parcel and freight. The driver will notify the recipient of the delivery time.

Electronic advance notification

Parcel and freight. The recipient will receive an SMS when the item has been loaded at the terminal.

Handing over to the Adressee in person

Parcel and freight. The item will only be handed to the person specified in the shipment.

Printed notice of arrival

Freight. The recipient will receive the notice of arrival by letter.

Handing over without the Acknowledgement of the Addressee

Freight. The item will be left in a safe place without signing.

Heated Transport

Freight. The item will be transported in a heated cargo space the entire way.

Pickup from Terminal

Freight. Your customer will pick up the item directly from the terminal.