Posti Home Delivery – safe delivery to your customer’s doorstep

Now more than ever, online shoppers can appreciate home deliveries. Many of us avoid going to the stores, preferring instead to do our shopping online. Home deliveries are a recommended way of receiving items, such as customers belonging to a risk group during the state of emergency resulting from the coronavirus.

Posti provides online stores with several home delivery options

  • Home Parcel is a safe and effective way of delivering goods to the customer’s home. Home Parcels are delivered in the evening, and the delivery involves no contact *). We have improved the service in the major cities so that customers are able to choose the most suitable date and delivery window from several options. The service will be extended this spring to cover the whole of Finland. Down the line, customers will also be able to track the driver’s movements in a real-time map view. If you have not yet signed up for the Home Parcel contract prices, please contact our sales team.

  • We will deliver large products (more than 35 kg or 120/60 cm) to the customer’s home as freight deliveries.

  • Quick and easy small parcels will be delivered directly to your customer’s mailbox. The small parcel is the cheapest option if you are sending small products directly to consumers.

Add Posti Home Delivery to your delivery options and tell your customers about it

Help your customers use your online store services – you will improve the customer experience while you’re at it! Place Posti’s delivery options in a visible place on the check-out page of your online store and market the home delivery service to your customers.

And remember to regularly update your online store’s pickup point register, daily if possible. This means you can make sure locker and pickup point information is always up to date and your customers will always receive their parcels.

*) Due to the coronavirus, we have made the following changes to the way we operate: Posti’s driver will ring the recipient’s doorbell and leave the item in front of the door. The driver will wait a few steps away until the recipient has received the item. The recipient does not need to sign for the item. Instead, the driver will log the delivery in Posti’s system.