Create a business account online and start sending immediately

Create a business account online and start sending immediately

Creating a Posti business account is easy and costs nothing.

New Posti customer? Create a business account and follow the instructions below. Creating an account is free. We will invoice you only for parcels sent.

Do you already use Posti’s other services for businesses? Contact us and we will add parcel sending services to your contract.

How to create an account:

  1. Identify yourself electronically.

  2. Enter your information. We will only ask for the information about your business and you that we need to create an account. By entering an email address, you can check whether there is already a Posti account for the email address in question.

  3. Check the prices. Next, you can view the contract prices of parcels. If your sending volume increases, you can always renegotiate the prices with us.

  4. Read the draft contract. You will receive a draft contract that you can save as a PDF file if you wish. By approving the contract, you will proceed to the next step.

  5. Confirm your email address. You will receive a confirmation message by email. This message will take you to complete your business account. If you wish, you can save the price list and the contract as PDF files.

  6. Start using the account. Click the link in the confirmation message. If there is already a Posti account with your email address, log in with your own user credentials and confirm the adding of rights. If you don’t yet have an account, please enter your name and email address and click the Create an Account button.

  7. Log in to OmaPosti Pro. You’re now ready to go! Click the Continue or Log in button, and you will be directed to OmaPosti Pro. You can start sending right away.