Posti Parcel Baltic

Reach your customers agilely in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Items are delivered to parcel lockers or service points.

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Posti Parcel Baltic in a nutshell

  • The delivery time to Estonia and Latvia is 1–2 working days and to Lithuania 2–3 working days.
  • Delivered through an extensive service point and parcel locker network.
  • You can also link the customer return to the Posti Parcel Baltic.

Posti Parcel Baltic dimensions

  • Minimum dimensions: 15 x 11 x 1 cm, 100 g.
  • Maximum dimensions: 59 x 60 x 36 cm, 35 kg.
  • With the Oversized additional service, the maximum length 200 cm and length + circumference max. 360 cm.

The progress of an item


Send Posti Parcel Baltic parcels with SmartShip, OmaPosti Pro or directly from your online store. With OmaPosti Pro and SmartShip, you can also print the necessary address cards. You can order regular pickup or a single pickup for your parcels or take the parcels to the nearest Posti service point.

Additional services

Add additional services to the Posti Parcel Baltic when sending. Check the price list for additional services.


If the size of your item exceeds the maximum parcel size, you can use the Oversized additional service. With the additional service, the maximum length is 200 cm and length + circumference max. 360 cm. Oversized includes home delivery.


Make sure that your item will be handled carefully. Even though the parcel will be sorted manually, not by a machine, it should be robust enough to withstand loading into a vehicle with other parcels. A Fragile marking must be attached to the item.

LQ Process permit

You can send a small number of products classified as dangerous goods. We will transport your parcels safely and in accordance with the applicable legislation. Check here to see which dangerous goods we transport.

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