Pickup and delivery service

How to start using the service

Sign a Pickup and delivery service contract with us.

New customer?

As our customer, you will have access to all our services and handy tools.

Do you send letters and parcels only occasionally? You can place individual pickup and delivery orders here.

Does your business regularly send or receive letters and parcels? If that is the case, we recommend starting to use our Pickup and Delivery Service. You will save time and effort when you don’t have to take your outgoing mail to a service point yourself and the incoming items are always brought to an agreed location. We will pick up and deliver items in accordance to an agreed schedule from or to a location specified in the contract.

Benefits of Pickup and delivery service

  • We will serve you flexibly in accordance with your business’s timetable and needs.
  • Save time and effort when sending products.
  • The Pickup and delivery service has a fixed monthly price.

Who is the service designed for?

The Pickup and delivery service is a good fit for you if you regularly send and receive letters and parcels. We will pick up your items and deliver items directly to your location of choice.


The price of the Pickup and delivery service is customer-specific. The price is affected by factors such as the capacity needed and the number of pickups and deliveries.

How it works

Make a contract with us for regular Pickup and Delivery Service. We will establish a schedule with you, according to which we will pick up the parcels and letters you are sending and deliver your incoming items to you. The service is provided flexibly in accordance with your business’s timetable: we can visit you several times a day or, for example, once a week. The pickup and delivery locations are also agreed in advance. You can add nearly all of your incoming items to the service. The Pickup and Delivery Service has a fixed monthly price. If needed, you can suspend your regular Pickup and Delivery Service for a holiday or other period of time. Please remember to submit the form at least one week before the desired start date of the suspension. Pickup and Delivery Service change or termination.

Individual pickup and delivery order

If you send letters and parcels only occasionally, you can also order pickup and delivery for individual items. In that case, we will charge you in accordance with the size and number of times. You can place a transport order for parcels and letters easily online. You can also order an individual transport by calling +358 200 92000 on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. We will charge a separate fee of EUR 7.25/order for orders placed by phone.

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