Make your customer communications more efficient with Posti’s customized printing service

Customized Print, Posti’s customized printing service, is a flexible service for printing documents in color or in black and white that has been designed for efficient customer communications.

Who is the service designed for?

The customized printing service is meant for large companies that want to be able to decide about every detail related to their documents.


The customized printing service enables efficient and flexible customer communications. With this service, you will have access to a broader set of editing options than you would with our standard printing service.

With Posti’s customized printing service, you can determine the documents’ appearance, materials, attachments and post-processing. Whether you are looking to send invoices, pay slips, waybills, bulletins or marketing messages, we will help you communicate in a way that is timely and high-quality, while saving time and reducing costs.

  • An efficient and flexible tool for customer communications.

  • Decide about every detail related to your documents.

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We will help your company digitalize and automate communications and documenting processes and offer better service to customers