Automate office mailing processes with Printer Driver

Does your organization carry out a lot of manual office mailing? With Printer Driver (an additional function in iPost), anyone in your organization can print and send documents such as offers, customer newsletters and marketing messages from their workstation.

Who is the service designed for?

Printer Driver is an additional service for all of Posti’s iPost customers.


Printer Driver is an easy-to-use tool with good information security. Thanks to Printer Driver, your company will no longer need to waste valuable time on printing letters, placing them in envelopes and mailing them manually.

With the Printer Driver service, Posti’s iPost customers can send office documents directly from the word processor (MS Word or PDF) to the iPost service. Using the Printer Driver, which is installed to workstations, is very easy: just select Printer Driver as the driver when printing the finished document. After that, the letter will automatically be transferred to Posti, which will take care of the printing and mailing in a way that is automated, quick and high-quality. The service is also cost-effective, as Printer Driver letters are invoiced as part of the use of iPost.

  • Print and send documents such as offers and newsletters from your own workstation.

  • Stop wasting time on printing letters, placing them in envelopes and mailing them manually.

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