iPost is a cost-effective sending service for letters

iPost sending service for letters is a quick and cost-effective solution for the communications needs of companies of all sizes: it can be used for sending invoices and pay slips, or you can use it for marketing communications. We will handle the delivery in paper form or electronically according to the recipient’s wishes on your behalf.

Who is the service designed for?

iPost is an effective solution for organizations of all sizes. The service is most commonly used for invoicing, payroll accounting and communications. On average, our customers send around 2,500–3,000 letters a month using the iPost service.


iPost saves resources, time, effort and money. Letters sent using iPost can reach their recipients as early as the next day after sending. The more letters you send, the cheaper it gets to use the iPost service. iPost frees up your company’s resources for productive work, as you will no longer need to mail documents such as invoices manually.

Whether you send hundreds or even tens of thousands of letters a month in paper form or electronically, you can reach your customers conveniently and cost-effectively by using the iPost system. iPost documents can be sent in color or in black and white and you can also use templates and standardized material in them.

  • No more manual mailing of invoices.

  • iPost prints the invoices and places them in envelopes for you.

  • iPost delivers the letters electronically according to recipients’ wishes.

  • The letters can be delivered to recipients as early as the next day.

Read more at: www.ipost.fi

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