Make your communications more efficient with mailingservices

As the leading document management and mail communications expert in Finland, Posti is able to offer you the best solutions for sending invoices and other documents. You will be able to find the best solutions for your company among our selection of printing and sending services according to your situation and needs.

  • We offer the best document printing and sending services.

  • Minimize the costs of document management.

  • Communicate and make additional sales in connection with invoicing.

iPost for printing and delivery

The printing and delivery of paper-format and digital communications is done using the iPost system, a quick and cost-effective solution for all kinds of communications, such as sending invoices and pay slips or marketing communications.

Automatic printing service

The automatic printing service is an additional function in iPost that reduces costs and the amount of time needed for sending letters. The Printer Driver application is installed as a printer in the network, which allows you to send letters to your customers directly from your workstation. Read more about the automatic printing service.

Customized printing service

Our Customized Print service is a printing service for sending invoices, pay slips, waybills, bulletins and marketing messages that has been designed for effective customer communications. Read more about customized printing services.